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Offering local news articles, gourmet food, and much more!

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We offer the best customer service you can handle. Need something to eat? Want to know the lastest news? We got you covered!

For over 21 years, we've been working hard to provide a thriving business for our people. We offer low costs for all of our daily services.

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Our businesses hold a variety of services:

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Need customer support? Contact one of our associates by calling 1-800-274-8157 (Toll free) or by contacting Michael Sepsey at

Our Staff

Michael Sepsey - Director of Web Design and Head CEO

Michael is responsible for planning what to display on the news, providing the necessities on the website of msepsey, and carrying out the payments for the restaurant workers. That's a lot to handle in a day! Being born with autism, he appreciates all the compliments he gets daily. The only reason why he became the Head CEO was because he wants to do something extraordinary. He prefers to play 3-on-3 basketball or some form of physical activity whenever he has free time.

Liam Sepsey - Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Liam is responsible for accounting all the money that was contributed toward the company. He often works to his best, yet sometimes he's a little bit sluggish. He grew up in poverty after he left home in 2013, so it was struggling for him to get comfortable. In his free time, Liam likes to play video games, especially Call of Duty. Liam, with high-end knowledge of life advice, is believed to be Michael's sidekick whenever he feels down. Otherwise, he prefers to work alone in a peaceful environment.

Nancy Sepsey - Culinary Director and Head Journalist

Nancy is considered to be one of the top journalists of the past century. Having such honor in her possession, she feels well respected and praised by her workmates. In addition to her high prestige, she offers well-made original recipes for the customers to try at The Sepsey House. At home is where Nancy does most of her work. She owns a drawing board for her creative journalism and a grill for the summer BBQ. She typically talks a lot with people on the phone in her free time. She's been all over Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. Pull up an article from the Wayne County Insider and you'll see her name written all over it!

Linh Sepsey - Graphic Designer in Computer Arts

Linh makes such beautiful art. She's known to be responsible for most of the CSS designing that's involved in the website of msepsey. When she was born, her mother gave her a vision of a world full of rich diamonds. She took that idea of diamonds as a way of providing detail to her work. That's what caused her to receive the 2010 Best Graphic Design award from the International Design Committee. She also had appearances in the 2007 YoungArts, 2009 DesignCon, and the 2010 World Expo. Linh joined the company in 2013 in light of offering customers with a sense of visual beauty. In her free time, she goes out shopping downtown and buys out clothes to pursue in her fashion. She and her husband are the parents of 1 child and 3 cats.