New Toys "R" Us store sparks controversy among residents

Michael Sepsey
Feb. 10th, 2021

CANTON The major toy company Toys "R" Us announced on Tuesday that it will be set to reopen its local Detroit store in the suburban Canton area. It will be located off of Ford Road by the intersection of Morton Taylor. They are hoping to offer a place for families to shop for toys. Unfortunately, there is controversy among individuals who think online shopping is better than going to Toys "R" Us in-person. Below are the three reasons why:

1) Walmart and Amazon are fighting for toy sales.

Amazon and Walmart, according to a survey of 200 individuals in the area, have been the most visited shopping sites in the new decade. The growing technology had been a challenge for Toys "R" Us as they never had brought up a way for the "one stop delivery process" that was first brought up by Amazon and Walmart themselves. The company wanted to have a store specialized in toys that parents and children can stop in and buy whatever they feel is necessary for them. With Amazon's growing library, the company fears that they will lose their customers into purchasing goods online rather than going in-store. Walmart, whose stores are spewing millions of customers daily, is also planning to use their library to bring their customers to the online world.

2) It's out of the ordinary.

Toys "R" Us has been around for over 50 years as the leading toy store company in America. Although times had changed with how people shop for toys, the spirit has been dying in recent years. In 2017, Toys "R" Us has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This has lead to the closing of over 600 stores across America. It may seem to be as of now that people never looked back at the legacy that Toys "R" Us left behind. Opening a store during a time that may seem unimportant to the community may be the cause toward the depleted economy of Toys "R" Us.

3) COVID-19 may bring less attention to the details.

Back in March 2020, Michiganders were forced to quarantine and only go out to grocery stores for essential purposes. This means people can not go out to visit their favorite restaurant or shop at the only IKEA in Michigan. When Governer Gretchen Whitmer passed the Stay Home, Stay Safe order, she wished everyone would have a "speedy recovery" and return to work in "an orderly fashion."

If we all come together, get serious, and do our part by staying home, we can stay safe and save lives.

Because of that, Toys "R" Us had to delay the reopening of the store until 2021. They already had two stores reopened in Paramus, New Jersey and in Houston, Texas in late 2019 that were forced to close due to the virus. People fear they would get sick just to get their favorite toy in the store, one manager states in an interview with Local 4. It is ideal that people wouldn't care much about the content and just shop elsewhere.

Despite the growing concerns, Toys "R" Us is planning to open up the new store sometime this month. They are expected to only provide limited stock, yet they will plan to gather enough data and determine whether to continue running business or move it elsewhere in the nation.

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