Video-Embedding Tutorial

This tutorial may not be compatible for mobile devices. A PC or laptop is suggested.
For this tutorial, we will be using the free video-streaming service YouTube. This tutorial can also be applied to other free web services like Vimeo and Twitter.

  1. Go on and search for your video.

    For this tutorial, we are going to find a video of former Miami Heat player Ray Allen's clutch 3-pointer in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Search for your video. (Link to video:
  2. Click on your video. You will see a variety of tools below the video title, including the number of views and the amount of likes and dislikes.

    In order to get your video embed code, click on "SHARE" button. Look for and click on the SHARE button.
  3. You will now see a variety of methods of sharing your video, including social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Click on the first method from the left, titled "Embed". Click on Embed to receive your HTML code.
  4. The HTML code should now display on the right with the intended result on the left.

    To copy your embed code and transfer it to your HTML, click on "COPY". Copy the code by clicking on COPY.
  5. Go to your HTML editor (Neocities is being shown here) and paste your embed code onto your HTML. Paste the code onto your HTML.
  6. Voilà! You have yourself now a beautiful YouTube video displayed on your website!

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